As a child I was charmed by National Geographic and dreamed some day to be a photo journalist. Although life has taken detours – pursued a career as a photographer in the army, was assigned to Germany, and ended up in a Special Forces Unit. I have now found myself in a career and reputation in environmental graphic design that I enjoy and which allows me the benefit of traveling internationally and the opportunity to take my photos.

Every country I go to has its own drama, culture, and history. Being fascinated with color, I've been drawn to the Caribbean and Mexico and have spent many years working up a good name in those regions for my work. While taking some time off to explore…it's like "going on a safari, hunting for the right shot"…and then there are those special, magical moments when I'm at the right place, right time, and "awake" to capture the essence in a photo!

Those who know me, know I'm always going one-hundred miles an hour, but these shots show that I feed my inner soul and "stop to smell the roses."

Each shot has a story and a special sensitivity and I'm more complete by sharing these with you…enjoy!

Feel free to contact me if you'd like.
Phone: 303-570-0047
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Address: 16021 Bluebonnet Dr
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